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With eight years experience in securing all the incentives available to our clients we get you the best ROI possible. Now with 179D available without deadlines, we can get you even more incentives.

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We want to see your retrofit project provide the best lighting at the best price point and best ROI in the industry. Our Circadian Lighting System is the best price in the market, easy to install and highest quality.

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    How Circadian Lighting Works?

    Circadian Lighting mimics the sun during the day with color changing LED lighting in an automated system that regulates the circadian rhythms in the brain. This has many heath benefits, but most importantly it help you sleep better. For Alzheimer’s patients that means the disease doesn’t progress as quickly. They also understand what is expected of them during the day due to the light cues and behave better.

    We can custom make Circadian Lighting for your system. Keep your design and take advantage of Circadian Lighting as well.

    Adding Far UVC Disinfecting Technology

    Far UVC is not harmful to humans at all.

    What is far-UVC and how does it help prevent Covid-19?

    Far-UVC gets its name because it is at the far end of the ultraviolet (UV) part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    If you look at a diagram of the spectrum, visible light is in the middle. Violet light, which is the shortest wavelength of light that humans can perceive, is on the left of the visible range. Ultraviolet light, which is invisible to the human eye and has even shorter wavelengths than violet light, is to the left of that. Far-UVC is at the farthest end of the UV range.

    UV light is broadly classed into three types, moving from right to left on the spectrum: UVA, UVB and UVC, with UVC having the shortest wavelength (around 254 nanometres) of the three types. Since it has the highest energy, UVC is the most dangerous type of ultraviolet light to humans.

    All UV light is capable of causing chemical reactions. For example, UVA, UVB and UVC can all damage human skin (sunburn is caused by UV radiation from the sun) and eyes, cause colours to fade and degrade materials such as plastics and wood.

    UVC, known as “germicidal” UV, can additionally neutralise pathogens such as viruses by attacking the RNA that carries their genetic information, preventing them from replicating. But it cannot be used in the presence of humans.

    Far-UVC has an even shorter wavelength of 222 nanometres and even higher energy, meaning it can neutralise viruses even more effectively. But its wavelength is so short that it is absorbed by the dead layer of cells that cover human skin, and by the liquid “tear film” that covers the eyes, before it can damage living tissue. This means it is harmless to humans.

    Far UVC 222nm

    Why Far UVC is safe?

    Because this light is short-wave it is blocked by the first protein layer of the skin and eyes making it safe around people.

    First to offer this new technology in Custom Circadian Fixtures

    We are thrilled to announce we are the only company in the market to offer Custom Circadian Lighting fixtures with Far UVC technology to keep your facility Covid free.

    Circadian Explanation

    The First Circadian Lighting Home System

    Circadian rhythms are crucial to keep healthy sleep patterns. For Alzheimer’s Patients regulating their circadian rhythms can mean slowing down the disease.

    This Circadian Lighting System Can be installed anywhere in your home!